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Sushi is a typical Japanese dish. Whoever is interested in Sushi should study a little. Sushi is basically made with rice (dressed with salt, vinegar and sugar),It is then combined with different ingredients.
It is well known when combined with raw fish, but there are several other varieties.It is served with Soya sauce mixed with wasabi.
Sushi can be divided into groups:
•Nigiri sushi / rice with something on top.
•Maki sushi / rice with something inside, rolled in seaweed leaves, using a little bamboo mat.
•Gunkan maki / a mixture between the previous two.It is hand rolled.
•Temaki sushi / hand rolled on the spot,with a choice of fillings. It is ideal for parties.
•Chirashi sushi / this is dish,it is served as a rice salad.
•Oshi susi / squashed sushi. It is squashed
in a special box, then sliced for serving.
•• Nigiri sushi

Rice with rolled up omelette. Slightly sweet.

Rice with raw tuna. It is the best known,standard sushi.

Rice with the fatter part of raw tuna.
It is the most loved sushi, but often the most expensive.
It has nothing to do with Turin football team.

Rice with inkfish.One of the most popular and economical.

Rice with boiled shrimp. Standard.

Rice with cooked fish(eel). One of the tastiest.

Rice with white fish such as seabass nad sole.

•• Maki sushi

Futo maki
Rolled with omelette, coocked carrots, cucumber etc. Standard.

Thuna maki
Rolled with tuna salad. Better suited to Italians.

Kappa maki
Rolled with cucumber. Standard.

Tekka maki
Rolled with raw tuna. Standard.

Shinko maki
Rolled with Takuan(Japanese salted vegetables).

Natto maki
Rolled with Natto(seasoned soya, a japanese product).
This is dangerous, must never be eaten, unbilivable.It is not fit for human nutrition.

Gunkan maki

Rice with fish roe.

One of the most expensive.

Kani salad
Rice with crab salad.

•• Other

Wasabi / Gari
If you like hot food, put Wasabi in your Soya sauce.
Gari is pickled ginger,
and is eaten to freshen the palate.

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